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We create films, videos and images and develop ideas or manage projects until its finish line by teaming up with capable and trustful freelancers to get the job done.

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Single handed, well connected!

valcons productions is a Berlin based media and film production company run by Valquire Veljkovic and is well connected to external professionals and partners to fit the needs of your project.

We are experienced in film and media production, creative direction for events, web- and app development and stage productions.

Here is an excerpt of who we worked with: Jen Evans (artist), Patrick Mohr (fashion designer), Kollateralschaden (fashion brand), Yasmin Gate (artist), losers (band), AUTIST (band), Welovemachines (band), IAMX (band), Tata Christiane (Fashion brand), Nineteen95 (artist management), Aniaetleprogrammeur (artist), Noblesse Oblige (artist), BP Holding, Force Royale records, dev01ded, DEER HOWLING (artist), Consors (bank), HappyDigits (payback), Kastellamedia (label), Customer.Data.Analysis, TAXiAD (advertising agency), Lychee Lassi (artist), Sony Music Japan, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Qype, Fitcom, Nana Kitade (artist), Splendid Rec., Pale Music Int., Svarta Svanen, Pari Productions, Bullet Height / Centurymedia records UK, Ralph Lauren / Vice Events, Prince Charles Berlin, Gosee Marketing fair, Valquire Veljkovic (Photographer, filmmaker, media artist), ZIZ CIE. dance collective, Revolver dance compagnie, James Cook (Artist), M-Audio, InMusic Brands

What we do

Film, video and photo production

Creating moving and still content for cinema, music videos, fashion, commercials, industry portfolios, documentaries, ..

Content creation

Print productions, CGI, digital composition.

Creative direction

Developing and executing projects.

App and web dev

We have a decade and a half years experience in IT. Try us!

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